Women’s V3000 Compression Capri


Specification of Viva Athletic V3000 Women’s Compression Capri

  • Sweat Proof® fabric wicks moisture away to keep you cool and dry during intense activity in your compression tights
  • Anti-Odour
  • Extra comfort with advanced temperature and moisture management system through our intelligent breathable 4-way stretch fabric
  • Strategic Panel designs of the compression tights provide targeted graduated compression to your muscles
  • Smart firm fit of this compression tight has been engineered to warm and support your muscles, without   limiting your movement in your women’s compression tights
  • Embedded elastic waistband of the women’s compression tights guarantee secure snug fit
  • Machine washable.  Just throw your compression tights into the laundry after use, easy!
  • Fabric: 75% Nylon / 25% Spandex
  • Switzerland Oeko-Tex Standard certification for safe and environmentally friendly material
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection

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Viva Athletic Women’s Compression Tights has been engineered to stretch and be the perfect body-fitting first layer compression tights for women.  This enhanced comfort compression tights has been especially designed to support women’s body muscle groups without restricting movement.  Made of safe and environmentally friendly smart Sweat Proof® fabrics, this women’s compression tights guarantees to keep moisture under control by wicking away sweat to keep you cool and dry.

Perfect women’s compression tights for yoga, crossfit, running, gym and all sports.

Our women’s compression tights with graduated targeted compression improve your blood flow and increase oxygen to your active muscles to maximize your energy and performance.

Universal 4-way stretch Smart Fabric technology of this women’s compression tights offer firm support, reducing muscle vibration without limiting movement.

This popular compression tight is effective in reducing aches and pain by promoting faster muscle repair and recovery after exercise.

Benefits of Viva Athletic compression apparel

Viva Athletic compression shorts, compression pants and compression tights guarantees to provide integrated, intelligent targeted compression on the right areas of your body to give you optimal performance pre exercise, during exercise and post exercise.

Compression garments like Viva Athletic compression shorts and our compression pants and compression tights are designed to do the following to enhance your comfort and performance in your sporting activities:

  • compression apparel reduce muscle stiffness and soreness during and after exercise
  • compression apparel relieve pain you may experience during and after exercise
  • compression apparel assist your muscles to repair itself at a faster rate and reduce recovery time post exercise
  • compression apparel improve blood circulation in your body thereby allowing more essential oxygen and nutrients to reach your muscle cells
  • compression shorts and compression pants reduce risk of injuries such as hamstrings
  • compression apparel provide excellent temperature control by helping to cool you down in hot weather by wicking sweat away from the body.
  • the smart compression fabric in our compression shorts and compression pants and tights prevent chafing and rashes on your skin

By wearing Viva Athletic compression shorts, compression pants and compression tights you will experience the following benefits:

  • Reducing the risk of shin splints through a reduction in vibration on your muscles, and increase in oxygen supply which promote faster healing and repair to the relevant muscles
  • Reducing the risk of calf cramps by promoting increased oxygen supply to your working muscles and removing lactic acid away from these muscles.
  • Reducing the risk of issues with your achilles by providing physical padding to your achilles to protect it from damage and increasing the supply of oxygen to your achilles to enable it to operate at an optimal level.
  • Reducing the risk of pulling your muscles by increasing body warmth in cold weather and improving blood flow through your body, particularly in your thighs, ham strings, calves and hip muscles.
  • Reducing the risk of complications associated with long distance travel. Viva Athletic compression shorts and compression tights can help reduce the risk of venous reflux and pooling of blood.

Viva Athletic’s targeted compression

The design of your compression shorts, compression pants and compression tights are based on research to focus graduated and targeted compression on the appropriate areas of your body, in particular on your thigh muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and hip muscles. Viva Athletic compression shorts and compression pants and compression tights apply optimal compression to the correct muscle areas to improve oxygen and nutrient rich blood flow in the relevant arteries to give you more power for better performance and accelerated recovery.  Similarly, optimal compression will assist the de-oxygenated blood to be transported back to your heart for re-oxygenation.